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Make Networking Easy with uCync Smart Business Cards

Quickly and easily share your contact information with uCync smart business cards. With NFC technology, simply tap to share your information – no need for paper business cards!

NFC-powered cards for quick and easy sharing


With uCync smart business cards, you can quickly and easily share your contact information with anyone. NFC technology allows you to simply tap your card to a smartphone to share your information. This is a great way to exchange information at networking events or when meeting new business contacts.

Update your information instantly


With uCync, you can update your contact information in real time. This means you never have to worry about printing new business cards or handing out outdated information.

Reusable and sustainable


uCync smart business cards are reusable, meaning you don't have to waste paper or ink. They are also a more sustainable option than traditional business cards.


Fully built in Saudi Arabia

We're proud to be the first Saudi company that offers such products and services. Starting in 2020, uCync has quickly become a popular choice for networking and exchanging information. Our sustainable and efficient system makes us the perfect choice for businesses and individuals alike.




Fully Developed in Saudi Arabia

Officialy based Saudi Arabia

Saudi Team


Increasing spending efficiency

uCync eliminates the wasted time and money associated with printed business cards. With uCync, you can instantly share your contact information, you can also edit it anytime, anywhere using our iOS & Android apps.

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